Trap Grill • EP 2 •Weekend in Atlanta Parts I & II


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In episode 2 of Trap Grill, J.J. of JOCON Media follows Chef Black Pooh and the whole crew as they head to Atlanta for Super Bowl weekend. As soon as they touch down the fun begins. Follow them as they enjoy everything Atlanta has to offer. They go from the mall, to the club, and of course the kitchen. Black Pooh cooks a full course Super Bowl meal including cabbage, corn, drunken chicken and more...!

JOCON Media would like to give a special thanks to the entire Trap Grill crew for their hard work and professionalism: Black Pooh, Jay, Fat Daddy FB@LA Porter, Uncle Daddy aka FB@Manny Kush, and Lil Ford. Another special thanks to FB@ Real Rona Dana and “Clyde”, Kos, CJ, and Kasey of IG@clubboogalouatl. And the Publix grocery store for being patient with us! Mad love Atlanta!

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