EP 1 - Intro to Tojo

Tojo, host of Bigg Dawg’s Playhouse

Tojo, host of Bigg Dawg’s Playhouse

A brief introspective journey throughout the life and times of the one and only To-Jo, the host of BIGG DAWG'S PLAYHOUSE PODCAST. To-Jo's fleeting reflection of his own life experiences and ups & downs will definitely grab your ear. To-Jo shares his unscripted rawness and realness expressed from the depths of his soul and spirit. The trip begins with him taking you to his birthplace and the 100% natural unconditional love from his first love, his grandmother. His journey sharply curves and twists through the lows of selling drugs and being shot several different times. The tour continues with the dark abyss of being incarcerated, with many other breathtaking events in between.

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