Bonus EP: Message to the Next Mayor


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On March 7, 2017 St. Louis City residents will cast their vote for who they think should be the mayoral candidates in the upcoming general election on April 4, 2017. This is a critical race because the current Mayor, Francis Slay, has decided not to run for an additional term. Slay, who has been a dominant force in St. Louis politics for the past 16 years, has opened up the flood gates for a new wave of candidates hoping to become the next mayor. All of these candidates boast many promises and claim they have what is takes to move St. Louis forward. The crime rate, a public school system plagued with a multitude of problems, and run down vacant properties that have become eyesores and havens for criminal activity, are just a few things the next mayor has to tackle. As residents of St. Louis City, we have been able to feel the intensity of this election in the air. So, realizing how important this election is to the future of St. Louis we decided to take it to the streets! In this bonus episode you will hear St. Louis residents share what they need and expect from the next mayor of St. Louis City. This episode will be shared with all of the candidates via their social media platforms! 

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