EP 42 - A Conversation with St. Louis Independent Filmmakers Lacey Turner and Justin Holmes

From L to R; Justin Holmes and Lacey Turner of 35 MultiMedia Productions

From L to R; Justin Holmes and Lacey Turner of 35 MultiMedia Productions

Guest Host Marissa B.

Guest Host Marissa B.

J.J. and guest co-host Marissa sit down with St. Louis filmmakers Lacey Turner and Justin Holmes.  Lacey and Justin explain how they started working together some years ago.  They give insight on the culture of the film industry in St. Louis and how they are extending opportunities to others as doors open for them.  Lacey and Justin talk about their upcoming premier of "The Greatest Stories Never Told" and how they feel about the Black Panther movie!

You can contact Lacey and Justin at:
35multimediaproductions@gmail.com or filmlovers@35multimedia.com

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Be sure to catch their showcase of "The Greatest Stories Never Told" at the St. Louis Galleria on 3/15/18 from 6p-8p and the premiere of "The Lou" at 24:1 Theatre (St. Louis) on 3/25/18 at 9:30am.

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